Planning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 9 members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for four year terms.

The Planning Commission advises the Board of County Commissioners on legislative planning and development issues such as the adoption, revision or repeal of any Comprehensive Plan or implementing Ordinance or Code. For certain types of plan amendments, the Planning Commission makes the final land use decisions for the County. Planning Commission decisions may be appealed to the Board of Commissioners.

The Planning Commission worksessions and hearings are held in the 1st floor Auditorium in the Public Services building, located at 155 N First Avenue in downtown Hillsboro. These meetings are scheduled as follows:

First Wednesday: Worksession 1:30 PM; Hearing 2:00 PM

Third Wednesday: Worksession 6:30 PM; Hearing 7:00 PM

Worksessions are intended to provide the Planning Commission an opportunity to conduct informal communications with each other, review their meeting agenda and identify questions they may have for staff before their scheduled meeting that includes public hearings. The Planning Commission typically asks our citizens attending the worksession meetings to hold their agenda comments and questions for the regular public meeting.

Worksession meetings are open to the public but do not include an opportunity for public comment or communication with the Planning Commission. The public hearing following the worksession includes time for public testimony on agenda items as well as public comment on non-agenda items.


How to submit testimony for the Planning Commission

Planning Commission Rules of Procedure (Adopted 1/15/2013)