Large Lot Industrial Site Assessment Project


Project Description:

The Washington County Large Lot Industrial Site Assessment Project will complete detailed site assessments for 11 large industrial sites within Washington County that are currently not development-ready.  

Please click on the interactive map below for more information about the individual sites:

Web_Graphic2 Industrial Lands

These site assessments will facilitate regional and local government efforts to define and prioritize investments needed to obtain Business Oregon "Decision-Ready" site certification, develop public funding requests, and secure private/public investment in the sites. This project will help move these sites to market for traded‐sector investment and help meet the regional need for large lot industrial sites.

Establishing a supply of development-ready large sites is critical to this region’s ability to attract and retain large industrial firms and generate traded-sector jobs that pay higher wages and improve the tax base for public services. Because the Portland region must compete with other metropolitan areas for such traded-sector industries, it must be able to provide a reasonable inventory of development ready sites to meet shrinking business decision timelines and capture investments with the upturn in the economy.

The project will be completed through a partnership with Washington County and the cities of Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Sherwood, Tualatin, and Wilsonville, with technical assistance from the Port of Portland. This project builds on the work of the Regional Industrial Site Readiness Project (described below) by using the same framework to complete the site assessments. The County will serve as project manager.


Overview of Project Sites:

The 11 sites range in size from 25 to 225 net acres. All of the sites were identified in the 2012 Regional Industrial Site Readiness Study which numbered and ranked the sites as Tier 1 (market ready) Tier 2 (ready in 7‐30 months) and Tier 3 (require 30 months or more for site preparation).