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Developing the Transportation System Plan involves collecting information and ideas from residents, business owners, and other stakeholders in Washington County. There are many opportunities for you to participate! Check the web site regularly for information or join the project mailing list to get updates.


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Community members are encouraged to attend any one of the many meetings and events to be held throughout the project. Whether attending a community open house, workshop, a farmers market, a concert in the park, a Community Advisory Committee or Interagency Coordinating Committee meeting, or the virtual open house there are plenty of opportunities to participate.


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Public comment periods are available at every Community Advisory and Interagency Coordinating Committee meetings. And you can always send an email to, call project team members, or submit a comment to the project team in the text box provided.


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07/15/2013 Please make SW Laurelwood between Scholls Ferry Road and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway a 25 mph road. 30 mph is too fast and a young boy was killed there in a hit and run crash in 2013. That road is by three schools. Oregon Department of Transportation regulates posted speed limits. This segment of SW Laurelwood is owned and maintained by the City of Beaverton. If a city or county thinks the speed for a particular street or highway should be changed it can make a request to ODOT for a review and investigation. Requests are submitted to the Traffic-Roadway Section which initiates an investigation to determine if a speed zone should be changed. For more information you can access ODOT's Traffic-Roadway Section at  
06/29/2013 Let's see more sidewalks and street trees on neighborhood streets! Washington County's Road Design Standards and Community Development Code requires sidewalks and street trees on all new or reconstructed streets (with few exceptions). The challenge is in areas where new development is not occuring. The county's Minor Betterment program is retrofitting streets with pedestrian paths every year. Unfortunately there are a lot more needs than resources.
04/16/2013 I thought the plan for Saltzman Rd was to have it connect with Laidlaw at 130th Ave, but this is not shown as a future connection on the functional classsification map. Please add this connection.  The need for a re-aligned road is identified in the Saltzman Road Extension Study Area in our current adopted and acknowledged Transportation System Plan (TSP). Staff believes it is likely that the Study area will be replaced with a more specific alignment to Laidlaw as part of the TSP update that will be coming before the Board of County Commissioners in 2014.
04/12/2013 We really need NW 130th Ave to be completed through the Arbor Heights neighborhood and to have Saltzman Rd realigned with 130th. The north-south connection in this area is dangerous and not sufficient. 

An area north of Laidlaw is also included in the Saltzman Road Extension Study Area in our current adopted and acknowledged TSP. It is likely that the Study area will be deleted north of Laidlaw. It is likely that it won’t be replaced with a specific collector alignment, because it will be difficult to establish a need for a collector given that the area north of the Multnomah County line is a rural reserve.

While staff does not believe there is a need for a collector north of Laidlaw, staff does believe there is a need for a better defined neighborhood route system for this area. At a minimum, this would likely result in NW 130th Avenue being designated as a neighborhood route. Discussion about the designation of other streets in this area will occur as part of the TSP update.

03/18/2013 Why, on page 2-14, does the plan start discussing the previously undefined func classifications of major and minor arterials? Figure 2-5 references them as well.  This comment is in reference to the Existing Conditions and Future Needs Report (Draft January 2013). The functional classification noted on page 2-14 and illustrated in Figure 2-5 is that of the Regional Transportation Plan prepared by Metro. The county only designates principal arterials and arterials.
03/18/2013 The Local portion of Thompson Rd should be a Neighborhood Route. There are only about 4 driveways and it looks more like a Collector, but since it won't go through except to the school, I think NR is more appropriate. The section west of NW Saltzman Road is currently designated as a Local street. NW Kenny Terrace is designated as the future arterial connection for NW Thompson Road. 
02/17/2013 We could sure use a bike path up Butner Rd. from Murray to Sunset transit center bridge. You risk your life riding or walking!  SW Butner Road is designated as a Collector. Any future reconstruction of SW Butner will require adding bike lanes. At this time there are no plans for major reconstruction of SW Butner Road.