WCTS Process & Timeline


Study Approach and Timeline

Building on the county's Transportation System Plan (TSP) work, the longer-term Washington County Transportation Study will look further out into the future—allowing us to think longer-term about our future land use and transportation challenges and opportunities. 

The study efforts will take place over approximately 16 months, starting in January, 2015 and ending in the spring of 2016. As described below the study will advance through a five phase process:

Phase 1: Taking Stock 
This phase will involve capturing lessons learned from the past 25 years of transportation policy and investment decisions, as well as review where we're going over the next 25 years. In this task we will also consolidate, confirm and attempt to identify any potential gaps in understanding of the community values that will guide the study. 

Phase 2: Land Use Scenarios
Two future land use scenarios that reflect varying rates, types, and distribution of growth within the county as well as assumption about influencing factors like advances in technology will be developed. The scenarios are not forecasts, but are platforms that will allow testing of the efficacy and resiliency of potential transportation investment strategies. The scenarios will build from adopted local land use plans. 

Phase 3: Transportation Investment Packages 
Two alternative transportation investment "packages" reflective of community goals will be developed in order to provide comparative approaches to addressing future needs. It is anticipated that many diverse transportation investment concepts will come from the public and advisory committees, and will likely include assumptions about technological advancements, improvements to vehicular, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian capacity, as well as system demand management tools. 

Phase 4: Evaluation
The transportation investment packages will be evaluated against criteria that will be developed working closely with the advisory groups and with input from the community at large. 

Phase 5: Public Review and Conclusions
The results of the evaluations will become the basis for a broad community discussion. The results of the technical analyses will be presented in a way that highlights the benefits and impacts associated with alternative transportation investment packages. The public discussion of those tradeoffs will lead to a greater understanding of areas of agreement and those issues where divergent viewpoints predominate.


WCTS Process Chart

Comments or Questions

If you have questions or comments about the study please visit our Submit a Comment page or contact the Department of Land Use & Transportation at 503-846-4530 and press zero.