Planning Programs

Elements of long range planning in Washington County:

The Board of County Commissioners, five elected officials who are the county's ultimate decision making body for planning policy. Their decisions must be consistent with regional and statewide planning goals.

The Planning Commission, nine members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners for four-year terms. The Planning Commission advises the Board on legislative planning and development issues such as the adoption, revision or repeal of any Comprehensive Plan or implementing Ordinance or Code. For certain types of plan amendments, the Planning Commission makes the final land use decisions for the county. Planning Commission decisions are appealable to the Board of Commissioners.

The Department of Land Use and Transportation's (LUT) Long Range Planning Section is, organized into community and transportation planning groups and cartography/GIS specialists Adopted planning policies are ultimately implemented via the Community Development Code, administered by the county's Development Services Section of LUT. LUT's Engineering, Operations and Capital Project Management Sections also carry out policies.