Bethany Community Plan

Updated October 2015

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Bethany Community Plan
Text Maps


CHAPTER 1 - West Bethany, Central Bethany, Springville, Arbor Oaks and Thompson Subareas

CHAPTER 2 - North Bethany Subarea

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I.  Introduction

II.  Area Description

III.  Background, Planning Process and Community Design Goals

IV.  Descriptions of North Bethany Subarea Plan and Maps

V.  North Bethany Subarea Design Elements

VI.  Neighborhood Elements

Ordinance & Plan Amendment History 

Chapter 2 Maps, Drawings, Tables & Guides

Subsection A - Street Design Cross Sections

Subsections B - Street Tree Tables

Subsection C - Community Plan Maps (All Maps)

  • Street Design Plan
  • Core Design Elements
  • Special Setbacks
  • Community Services Use Location
  • Density-Restricted Lands
  • Landslide Inventory
  • Landslide Study Areas - Shallow-Seated
  • Landslide Study Areas - Deep-Seated
  • Neighborhoods
  • Parking Maximum Designations
  • Local Street Connectivity
  • Major Transit Stops
  • Drainage Master Plan
  • Areas Eligible for a Density Bonus in the R-6 NB District
  • Land Use Districts
  • Primary Streets
  • Significant Natural & Cultural Resources
  • Parks, Trails, & Pedestrian Connections
  • Urban/Rural Edge
  • Special Frontages
  • Areas of Special Concern

Subsection D - Neighborhood Plans

Subsection E - Main Street Program Guide for the North Bethany Subarea