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The Washington County Comprehensive Plan is comprised of the following elements/documents:


I.  Resource Document (Available for review at the Long Range Planning Division office)

II.  Comprehensive Framework Plan for the Urban Area

III.  Rural Natural Resource Plan

IV.  Community Development Code

V.  Sherwood Community Plan

VI.  Cedar Hills - Cedar Mill Community Plan

VII.  Aloha-Reedville-Cooper Mountain Community Plan

VIII.  Bethany Community Plan

IX.  West Union Community Plan

X.  Bull Mountain Community Plan

XI.  Sunset West Community Plan

XII. Raleigh Hills - Garden Home Community Plan

XIII.  Metzger - Progress Community Plan

XIV.  Urban Planning Area Agreements (Available for review at the Long Range Planning Division office)

XV.  Transportation Plan

XVI.  East Hillsboro Community Plan

XVII.  West Tigard Community Plan

Exceptions Document

Capital Improvements Projects

Public Facilities Plan

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan (A subset of the Washington County Transportation Plan) 

These elements/documents provide the policies and implementing strategies and standards that guide general land use and transportation.