Transportation Plan

Updated:  April 23, 2014

The Transportation Plan is being updated. Click here to access the project web page for the 2035 Transportation System Plan Update.


Washington County 2020 Transportation Plan 

This publication is available for viewing at the Department of Land Use and Transportation front counter during regular business hours and is also available at local libraries.

Entire Transportation Plan (10 mb)

General Information & Table of Contents

Introduction & Background

General Policies, Policy 1-5

Roadway Elements, Policy 6-11

Policy 6-11 maps only

Transit System Element, Policy 12

Demand Management, Policy 13

Pedestrian Element, Policy 14

Bicycle Element, Policy 15

      Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Roadway Freight Element, Policy 16

Air, Rail, Pipeline & Water Element, Policy 17

System Funding & Finance Element, Policy 18

Plan Implementation & Monitoring Element, Policy 19-23


Ordinance History

Technical Appendix

Background Report


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