Minor Betterments

New!  Eight road safety improvement projects recommended for FY 2017-18 (11/22/16)
Public invited to comment on URMD Safety Improvement candidates (9/21/16)
Proposals for small road improvements due July 15 (6/2/16)


Map of identified small road improvement candidates 

Online form to propose small road improvement candidate



The Minor Betterment Program (MBP) is funded by an allocation from the Road Fund (gas taxes).  About $500,000 was last allocated to this program in fiscal year 2015-16 to fund small-scale interim improvements which are beyond routine maintenance but not large enough to be programmed as capital improvements. An MBP project is a site-specific enhancement to the county's transportation system. An MBP project is typically interim and is intended to supplement routine maintenance and capital improvements.


Eligible projects will:

  • Be constructed on a county road; and
  • Improve or resolve a specific situation; and
  • Address safety, capacity, environmental and/or connectivity issues.


Proposals received by July 15 will be considered for the upcoming fiscal year beginning July 1 of the following calendar year.

Review Process

In addition to looking for improvements to safety, capacity, environmental and/or connectivity issues, proposals are reviewed and prioritized considering, but not limited to, the following:

  • Functional classification and traffic volumes
  • Accident history and Safety Priority Index System rating
  • Consistency with current plans and studies including, but not limited to, the Transportation Plan
  • Filling a gap to improve connectivity
  • Environmental obstacles
  • Community support (Citizen Participation Organization letter, neighborhood petition, etc.)
  • Cost and leverage of other funding sources or combining with other projects
  • Other relevant factors not listed here


Candidates will be considered by a Review and Selection Committee comprised of county staff and citizens. The Review and Selection Committee's project recommendations will be subject to the county's budget review and approval process.  This process includes County Administrator's Office review, Budget Committee review, a Public Hearing, and adoption by the Board of County Commissioners.

Recommended projects funded by the approved budget will be included in the annual Road Maintenance Program which is presented to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration and approval.

Please note that submittal of a proposal does not guarantee its selection, funding, or construction.

Propose a Candidate

To propose an MBP candidate, submit the online form or complete this proposal form and send to:

Washington County Department of
  Land Use and Transportation
Operations & Maintenance Division
Attn: Minor Betterment Program Coordinator
1400 SW Walnut Street, MS 51
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503-846-7623
FAX: 503-846-7620
E-mail: lutops@co.washington.or.us


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