For information about the Adopt-A-Road program, call 503-846-ROAD (846-7623) or e-mail us.


What is Adopt-A-Road?

Adopt-A-Road is a public service program for citizens who want to help keep Washington County beautiful by picking up litter along county roads or by maintaining roadway landscaping.

It’s an opportunity for citizens and the county to work cooperatively to solve a community problem. And it’s a way for environmentally conscious citizens to make a personal commitment to a cleaner environment.

How does Adopt-A-Road work?

Community groups, churches, service organizations, businesses and families adopt a county road and keep it free from litter.

Participating groups agree to:
  • Adopt a stretch of county road for at least two years.
  • Choose a segment of road at least one mile long.
  • Pick up litter at least twice a year.
Washington County:
  • Lends participating groups safety vests, traffic safety signs and devices.
  • Provides plastic trash bags and safety training materials.
  • Picks up filled trash bags and removes any large, heavy or hazardous materials.
  • Erects a sign at your adopted site recognizing your efforts.
Adopt-A-Landscape on Oleson RoadWhat else should I know?
  • We’ll help you select a road and evaluate it for safety.
  • A group representative will sign an agreement on behalf of your entire group.
  • All participants must be at least 12 years old; a parental release and adult supervision is required for participants between the ages of 12 and 18.
  • Safety is our first concern and should be yours, too.
  • You must review safety rules with all participants before each outing.
  • You’ll need to schedule your outings in advance; work may not be allowed near holidays or when roadwork is scheduled.

Adopt a Landscape!

Adopt-A-Road includes landscape maintenance! Volunteer groups can select a landscaped area along a county road and adopt it as their own to beautify and maintain. The group commits to provide basic landscape maintenance - pruning, trimming, weeding and general cleanup - at least twice a year for two years. Groups can choose to add new plants to enhance their site. The efforts of these volunteers help to save money for taxpayers! The county will install a sign to recognize the volunteer effort.


Litter pollutes! Rainwater runs off the roadway and drains into ditches before traveling into our creeks and rivers, taking contaminants right along.

Litter is dangerous! Many Washington County roads lack sidewalks so pedestrians and cyclists must travel along the shoulder. Broken glass and other debris can be hazardous to their health.

Litter is ugly! Clean roads reflect how we feel about our community.  Litter encourages litter. Littered roads destroy the natural beauty of this special place.

Litter is expensive! Washington County is concerned about the growing litter problem but there just isn’t enough money to solve it alone.

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