New!  Public invited to comment on top URMD Safety Improvement candidates (9/1/15)
Board approves Road Maintenance Program for 2015-16 (6/24/15)
Submit new proposals for small road improvements by July 15 (6/17/15)
Urban Road Maintenance District Publishes Annual Report (4/23/15)
Review Draft 2015-16 Road Maintenance Program (3/2/15) 
Six Safety Projects Recommended by URMDAC (2/20/15)
Minor Betterment Committee recommends three projects (10/23/14)


URMDAC 2014The Urban Road Maintenance District Advisory Committee (URMDAC) works with county staff and advises the Board of Commissioners on issues related to services provided by the Urban Road Maintenance District (URMD). 

URMDAC is represented in the update of the county's Transportation Plan and on the Minor Betterment Selection Committee.

Members are (front, left to right) Bonnie Hadley, Marty Moyer, Tim Connelly, (back) Larry Virgin, Anthony Mills, Martin Granum (chair), Ray Eck. Not shown: Jason Yurgel.

URMDAC usually meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. Meetings are held at the Walnut Street Center, 1400 SW Walnut, Hillsboro, Oregon, in Training Room 1 upstairs. Meetings are open to the public.

Contact URMDAC at URMDAC@co.washington.or.us.

Reference: URMDAC Bylaws 

Citizen Boards and Commissions application information

Next meeting: October 21, 2015  

Meeting materials: 


September agenda
URMD pavement condition update
URMD Safety Improvement project history 
Kinnaman Road project update
URMD Financial Projection
Top URMD Safety Improvement candidates list (8/31/15)
Public comments on top Safety Improvement candidates (as of 9/27/15)

August agenda 
August minutes
Traffic Signals presentation 
URMD Safety Improvement Project Construction Update
Draft URMD Safety Improvement Candidates 
Draft URMD Safety Improvement Public Outreach Plan 
URMD Surface Treatment Customer Survey Feedback

June agenda 
June minutes 
Safe Routes to School presentation

May agenda
May minutes
URMD Budget Presentation
URMD Service Requests 3rd Quarter 
Levels of Service discussion

April agenda 
April minutes 
URMD Service Requests Update 
URMD Performance Measures

March agenda 
March minutes 
Washington County Transportation Futures Study Overview 
WCTFS Advisory Committee Bios
Neighborhood Streets Program Update
URMDAC 2015-16 Recommendations 

February agenda 
February minutes 
Draft Road Maintenance Program  
Updated URMD Financial Projection 
Public comments on top candidates (as of 2/17/15)
Top URMD Safety Improvement Candidates (12/18/14) 


December agenda 
December minutes 
Bicycle and pedestrian updates 
Speed display sign proposal 
Top URMD Safety Improvement Candidates (12/12/14)
Proposed public outreach for top candidates 
Draft URMD Annual Report for 2013-2014 
Oct-Nov Surface Treatment Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses 

November agenda 
November minutes
Minor Betterments and Safety Improvements by CPO 
Updated URMD-Eligible Minor Betterment Candidates (10/24/14)
URMD Financial Projection 

October agenda 
October minutes 
Calming traffic. Saving lives.  
Use of speed display signs 
URMD pavement condition update 
More Surface Treatment Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses 

September agenda 
September minutes 
FY 13-14 Jan-Jun Service Requests Summary  
Surface Treatment Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses 
URMD-Eligible Minor Betterment Candidates 
URMD Audit 2014 Update 

July agenda
July minutes
Neighborhood Bikeways 
URMDAC 2014-2015 Recommendations
Project safety review 

May agenda
May minutes 
Minor Betterment Candidate Evaluation Criteria 
Safety Improvement candidates list
Safety Improvement candidates presentation 
Bicycle and Pedestrian Gain Share project status 
March agenda
March minutes
FY 13-14 Jun-Dec Service Requests Summary
Role of Inspector
West Union MUP

January agenda 
January minutes 
WCTS Draft Study Approach
WCTS Draft Approach Presentation 
URMD Update and Budget Projection
Gain Share Handout 

November agenda
November minutes
Traffic Signals
URMD Safety Improvements Update 

October agenda
October minutes   
Transportation System Plan 2035 Update 
URMD Safety Improvement Candidates 
Draft URMD Annual Report 2013

September agenda
September minutes   
Letter to Board endorsing vehicle registration fee 
Safety Project Update
URMD 2012-2013 Performance Report

August agenda
August minutes 
Customer satisfaction surveys
URMD Safety Improvement project photo 
June agenda 
June minutes  
URMD Continuation 
Pavement Preservation and Maintenance Study Findings    
Transportation Funding Options presentation

May agenda
May minutes

April agenda 
April minutes
URMD Continuation Draft Documents
Subcommittee Recommendation on Customer Satisfaction
2013 Bids for Surface Maintenance Contracts 
Transportation Plan Goal 11: Maintenance

March agenda
March minutes
URMD 2011-12 Performance Report
Draft 2011-12 URMD Annual Report 
Status of 2012-13 URMD Safety Projects
Draft 2013-14 Road Maintenance Program
TSP Update Ordinance Process
TSP Draft Goals and Objectives

February - no meeting

January agenda
January minutes
Neighborhood Streets Program brochure
Neighborhood Streets Program report
URMDAC recommendation to the Board

2012 2011 2010
January January December
Safety Project Candidate List

Target Service Levels For Transportation Assets


Safety Project Candidate Short List for March meeting
Safety Project Candidate Packets

March presentation
April - no meeting April

2012 Road Work Map (Funding for Roads)


Draft Minor Betterment Committee Schedule 2012
Bicycle and Pedestrian Updates

Funding Scenarios 2012 Update
Outline of Major Activities
July 6 recommendation to Board  
August - no meeting
Transportation Plan Update
Budget Projections
Top Minor Betterment Candidates 
Contingency Discussion
Handout CPO 3 
Safety Improvement Candidates
Tentative Safety Improvements
Top Bike Lane and Sidewalk Gaps
Tentative Safety Improvements
   with updated cost estimates

Support for Laidlaw candidate 
Pavement Condition Summary 
URMD Pavement Condition Map
2013 URMD Surface Treatment Candidates
URMD Budget Committee Presentation 12-18-12 
Transportation System Maintenance Funding Overview Presentation 12-11-12

2012 URMD Slurry Seal Candidates
2012 URMD Overlay Candidates
Minor Betterment List
December 20 recommendation to Board


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