Medical Marijuana

Update: November 2014

At their October 28, 2014 meeting, the Board adopted A-Engrossed Ordinance No. 792.  This ordinance will become effective on November 28, 2014.  Please contact Washington County's Planning & Development Services, Current Planning section, at (503) 846-8761, for additional information.

After its September 16, 2014 public hearing on Ordinance No. 792, the Board directed engrossment of the ordinance to make a number of amendments. A staff report describing those amendments will be provided to the Board prior to the subsequent hearing on October 7, 2014 and posted on the land use ordinance web page at
Copies of the report will be available electronically and at the Clerk's desk prior to the hearing.  



On March 7, 2014, the Oregon Senate adopted Senate Bill 1531, authorizing local jurisdictions to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries. The bill includes provisions allowing adoption of a moratorium effective through May 1, 2015.

Washington County adopted Ordinance 781, which proposes a moratorium consistent with Oregon Senate Bill 1531 effective through May 1, 2015, prohibiting distribution of medical marijuana or its derivatives in unincorporated Washington County, including use of any building, structure, location, premises, or land for the business or sale of such products.

On July 1, 2014 Ordinance 792 was filed and will permit medical marijuana dispensaries in the Community Business District;General Commercial District;Industrial District; Rural Commercial District; Transit Oriented Districts; and Neighborhood Commercial Mixed Use District (North Bethany) as a Special Use.

As part of its ongoing planning efforts, Washington County staff has identified amendments to the Community Development Code (CDC) to set forth standards for medical marijuana dispensaries. This ordinance also authorizes the repeal of Ordinance 781.


Key Ordinance 792 Provisions

Proposes that Medical Marijuana Dispensaries be permitted as a Special Use in the land use districts identified above, subject to new Special Use criteria identified in CDC Sections 390-16.15 and 430-80.

Repeals Ordinance 781, an ordinance that imposed a temporary moratorium on the business and sale of medical marijuana as provided by SB 1531.


2014 Ordinance Timeline Schedule

 July Ordinance 792 filed
 August 20 Planning Commission meeting and first public hearing
 September 2 Planning Commission meeting and continued public hearing, if needed
 September 16 Board of Commissioners meeting and first public hearing
 October 7 Board of Commissioners meeting and continued public hearing, if needed
 October 28 Anticipated date of adoption by Board of Commissioners, if so chosen
 November 27 Anticipated effective date of Ordinance 792, if the Board chooses to adopt


How to Submit Comments

Submit oral or written testimony to the Planning Commission and/or at the Board at one of the public hearings. Written testimony may be mailed or faxed to the Planning Commission or Board in advance of the public hearings in care of Long Range Planning. E-mail testimony will not be accepted as public testimony.


Washington County, Department of Land Use &Transportation
Planning and Development Services, Long Range Planning
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