Washington County Transportation Funding

Transportation funding: Improving your quality of life

Washington County's long range Transportation Plan envisions a well-connected multi-modal countywide transportation system. However, there is a long way to go to realize that vision. The county currently maintains nearly 1,300 miles of roads within the county—from major urban boulevards to gravel roads in the Coast Range. These roads connect us all together, and getting from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently is vital to our economy and quality of life. Without this network of roads and bridges, residents and businesses could not obtain the food, goods and services we depend on. Police/Sheriff, fire and other emergency responders would be unable to protect our families and homes. Employees would be unable to get to their jobs. Even visiting relatives for Sunday dinner would be a challenge.

However, it's easy to take the transportation system for granted. Its success depends on money—and that money has to come from somewhere. The purpose of the Transportation Funding site is:

  • To keep the public informed about transportation funding in Washington County;
  • To demonstrate how your dollars are working to keep the community moving; and
  • To provide you an opportunity to offer your valued opinion.Dollar puzzle


Fitting the Pieces Together
Just as a jigsaw puzzle is made of many interconnected pieces, the planning, construction and ongoing maintenance of the transportation system in Washington County relies on a combination of funding sources. Without any one of these funding pieces, the overall system cannot be sustained. For more information on how the transportation funding pieces fit together in Washington County, read Transportation Needs and Resources.


Tell Us What You Think
Thank you for your interest in Washington County's transportation network. The Department of Land Use & Transportation relies on more than just tax dollars to achieve our transportation system goals. We depend on community support and input, as well. After all, this is the community's transportation system. Let us know what you think. With your help, Washington County can keep moving—and maintain its reputation as one of America's most livable communities.