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Planning for the next five years

Most MSTIP (Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program) projects currently in the design and construction stages were funded under the MSTIP 3b or 3c programs. Those projects will be substantially complete in 2013. Washington County worked with our partner cities to plan for the next stage of MSTIP—we're calling it MSTIP 3d.

The MSTIP 3d program's parameters are consistent with those set by the Board of County Commissioners for MSTIP 3c:  

General MSTIP program parameters:

  • Improve safety

  • Remove bottlenecks

  • Major roads used by many residents

  • Address multiple transportation demands (cars, trucks, bikes, pedestrians, transit)

  • Rank as high local government priorities

  • Geographically balanced, providing benefits to residents all around the county

  • Projects reviewed through WCCC (see below); approved by Board of Commissioners

MSTIP 3d parameters:

  • Five-year program (fiscal years 13/14 through 17/18)

  • $175 million total anticipated funding (average of $35 million per year)

  • $5,000,000 local/state/federal matching fund set aside (may also be used for bicycle/pedestrian projects)

  • $500,000 traffic management system set aside  

MSTIP 3d process/schedule:

The Board of County Commissioners is ultimately responsible for MSTIP funding decisions. In early 2012, county staff began working with the Washington County Coordinating Committee (WCCC)—a group of elected county and city officials that provides transportation policy input to the Board— to compile a list of potential MSTIP 3d projects to be funded over the next five years. In March 2012, an open house and an online virtual open house were held to solicit public input on the candidate projects. More than 400 public comments were summarized and provided to the WCCC and Board for their consideration (see Related Document links below).

On April 24, 2012, the Board of Commissioners adopted a "short list" of six projects to be ready for construction by 2014. Deliberations continued to program the remainder of the MSTIP 3d program. On July 9, 2012, the WCCC forward its recommendation to the Board on approximately $160 million in multi-modal road projects. On July 24, 2012, the Board adopted the MSTIP 3d Funding Program.

No tax increase or new taxes will result from MSTIP 3d. This effort has simply identified which projects to fund over the next five years from existing property tax revenues. 


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