Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP)

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Local taxes + local input = countywide improvements

Your local property taxes at work

More than 130 transportation projects totaling $730 million have been funded through Washington County's MSTIP – the innovative pay-as-you-go road improvement program funded through countywide property taxes. MSTIP is a key piece of Washington County's transportation funding strategy.  It has improved our transportation system for all users—cars, public transit, freight, cyclists, and pedestrians.


MSTIP 3e: Share your thoughts!

Funding decisions for MSTIP are made on a five-year cycle. The next funding cycle - MSTIP 3e - is from Fiscal Year 2018-19 through Fiscal Year 2022-23.

A total of $160 million has been earmarked for MSTIP 3e projects. The MSTIP 3e 150% Project List was drafted based on the program's eligibility requirements (see below). The 150% Project List includes projects totaling about $240 million - or about one-and-a-half times the available $160 million funding - with each of the four County Commissioner districts receiving approximately equal shares.

We asked the public for input on the 150% Project List in May 2016. Comments will be shared with decision makers before trimming it by about one-third - or $80 million. Learn more about the MSTIP 3e 150% Project List


A smart, balanced response to growth

The Board of County Commissioners determines MSTIP funding amounts, and the Department of Land Use & Transportation manages MSTIP projects. Most of the money goes back into our local economy – to private-sector planning and engineering firms and to construction contractors on a competitive-bid basis to build projects under County supervision. MSTIP funds are also used to leverage other local, state, and federal funds to provide still more funding for transportation improvements.

The current funding cycle - MSTIP 3d - ends in 2018, with projects scheduled for completion by 2020. MSTIP 3d includes: 

  • $160 million for 19 road projects;
  • $10 million to replace deteriorating rural bridges;
  • $5 million to leverage other transportation funding (which may include bicycle and pedestrian projects); and
  • $500,000 to upgrade the County's advanced traffic management system.

Which projects receive MSTIP funding?

MSTIP projects are chosen by the Board of County Commissioners. The Washington County Coordinating Committee (WCCC), a group of elected officials from Washington County and cities within it, provides recommendations to the Board. Public input is also sought during the project selection process. To be eligible for MSTIP funding, a proposed project must:

  • Improve safety
  • Improve traffic flow/relieve congestion
  • Be on a major road used by many residents
  • Address demands for cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, and/or transit
  • Provide geographic balance, ensuring benefits to travelers in all areas of the County

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