Transportation Projects

From/To Activity
Estimated Completion
Basalt Creek Parkway Extension Grahams Ferry Road/Boones Ferry Road Design 12/31/2023
Augusta Lane (FY 2016-17 URMD Safety Improvement) Pheasant Lane/Chatelain Drive Design 12/31/2023
Oleson Road Realignment Scholls Ferry Rd/Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Design 12/31/2022
Walker Road @ Murray Intersection / Design 12/31/2020
Tualatin Sherwood Road /(Hwy 99W Crossing) Design 12/31/2020
Jackson School Road Corridor NW Rogahn Street/NE Grant Street Design 12/31/2020
Main Street/Banks Road/Cedar Canyon Road Intersection / Design 10/31/2020
Cornelius Pass Road TV Hwy/Frances St Design 09/30/2020
Walker Road - Phase 2 Murray Blvd/Schendel Ave Design 12/31/2019
Taylors Ferry Road (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Washington Drive/SW 78th Place Design 12/31/2019
Roy Rogers Road Scholls Ferry Road/Bull Mountain Road Design 12/31/2019
Elwert Road @ Kruger Intersection / Design 12/31/2019
Cornell Road 102nd Avenue/113th Avenue Design 12/31/2019
69th Avenue Bridge at Rock Creek Bridge at Rock Creek/Bridge at Rock Creek Design 12/31/2019
198th Avenue TV Highway/Farmington Road Design 12/31/2019
U.S. 26 Widening Project (Cornelius Pass Road to 185th Avenue) Cornelius Pass Road/185th Avenue Construction 12/31/2018
Rigert Road (FY 2016-17 URMD Safety Improvement) House #17720/175th Avenue Design 12/31/2018
Jenkins Road 158th Ave/Murray Blvd Design 12/31/2018
Jackson School Road Evergreen Rd/Grant St Design 12/31/2018
Glencoe Road (FY2015 Gain Share) Tiffany Street/Grant Street Design 12/31/2018
Cornelius Pass Road Bridge Over Rock Creek Bridge at Rock Creek/Bridge at Rock Creek Design 12/31/2018
Butner Road Culvert Replacement SW Huntington Avenue/SW 126th Avenue Design 12/31/2018
175th Avenue @ Kemmer Intersection Kemmer Road/Kemmer Road Design 12/31/2018
Cornelius Pass Road/TV Highway Intersection /TV Highway Completed 10/31/2018
Johnson Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) House #21415/214th Avenue Design 09/30/2018
Alexander Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) 198th Avenue/209th Avenue Design 09/30/2018
214th Avenue (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Johnson Street/SW Tualatin Valley Highway Design 09/30/2018
10th Avenue - Cornelius Holladay St/Baseline St Construction 09/30/2018
Springville Road 178th Avenue/185th Avenue Design 09/28/2018
Bronson Road (185th to 174th) and 174th Ave Culvert Replacement 174th/185th Design 09/28/2018
124th Avenue Grahams Ferry Rd/Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Construction 09/28/2018
113th Avenue Pedestrian Pathway Rainmont Road/Anderson Street Completed 08/03/2018
Timber Road Bridge /Gales Creek Design 06/30/2018
Paving (Road Overlay) 2017 Various locations/Various locations Planning 06/30/2018
Johnson Street (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW 182nd Avenue/SW Jasmine Place Design 06/30/2018
Hagg Lake Perimeter Roads West Shore Drive/Scoggins Valley Road Construction 06/30/2018
Bull Mountain Road (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Nemarnik Drive/SW Grandview Lane Design 06/30/2018
143rd Avenue (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) House #2000/NW Melody Lane Design 06/30/2018
175th Avenue (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) SW Chris Street/SW Kinnaman Road Design 06/29/2018
175th Avenue south of Alvord Lane/Scholls Ferry Road Design 06/01/2018
158th Avenue Merlo Station/Walker Road Construction 05/31/2018
Thompson Road (FY 2017-18 URMD Safety Improvement) NW 114th Avenue/NW Knollview Drive Design 05/25/2018
173rd Avenue (FY 2015-16 Minor Betterments) 171st Avenue/Artesian Lane Construction 12/31/2017
Safety Projects - 2017 URMD /Various Locations Design 12/31/2017
Fischer Road (131st Avenue to Pacific Highway) Pacific Highway/131st Avenue Construction 12/15/2017
Pacific Avenue at Quince Street /Quince Street (Highway 47) Design 11/30/2017
80th Avenue Culvert Replacement SW Hemlock Street/SW Elmwood Street Construction 11/30/2017
Bike & Ped Gain Share Projects /Various Locations Completed 11/30/2017