Oleson Road Bridge over Fanno Creek

This project will replace the Oleson Road bridge over Fanno Creek. The existing bridge floods during high water events, often requiring the bridge to be closed until water recedes. Due to the regular flooding, the bridge’s timber beams are in poor condition also contributing to the need to replace the bridge.

Bridge replacement improvements include:

  • Constructing the bridge above flood levels
  • Constructing the bridge to match up to the future Oleson Road realignment project
  • Complete the 400 foot roadway gap between the bridge and the previous Oleson Road improvement project that ended near Dover Street

Oleson Road is closed at Fanno Creek for 8 months. For more information about the road closure, click on the “Closures” section link to the right.

Please note that all business located near the road closure are open for business. We encourage the public to continue patronizing these local businesses during the closure.

This bridge replacement was originally scheduled to be replaced as part of the Oleson Road Realignment Project. At this time, funding for right-of-way acquisition and construction has not been identified for the realignment project. However, the county applied for and was awarded a federal funding match for the bridge replacement portion of the realignment project.

For more information about this bridge replacement project, including activity updates, funding and the project timeline, click on the section links to the right.

Media Releases
Eight month road closure begins July 28, 2014

Project Contact

Patrick Oakes
Project Manager
(503) 846-7800
Email: Patrick Oakes