Scholls Ferry Road (Roy Rogers to Teal)


Current Activity - construction

Activity Update 11/24/14
: The contractor is just about done installing the street lights and is working on storm drain inlets. Cones/barrels will be moved by end of day Wednesday, November 26, to allow traffic to use the new travel lanes (barrels will remain in place between Roy Rogers and Barrows eastbound until mid to late December due to the city utility project and construction equipment staging).

On occasion, the contractor will need to perform temporary lane closures to finish remaining work in order to maintain a safe area for the workers. Lane restrictions hours, when needed, will occur between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. 

The speed limit will remain at 30 mph for the safety of the workers and travelers through completion of the project (end of December).

Please note: The speed limit has been temporarily reduced to 30 mph for the safety of the workers and the drivers. Keep in mind that traffic fines are often doubled when violations occur in a work zone. This reduced speed is effective 24 hours a day whether workers are present or not. 

30 mph sign