Tualatin-Sherwood Road (Adams to Borchers)

Tualatin Sherwood Road between Langer Farms Parkway (formerly Adams Avenue) and Borchers Drive currently experiences heavy traffic congestion, primarily during peak travel hours. In addition, this section of roadway intersects with Highway 99W, which is also heavily traveled. 

This project will make needed improvements to Tualatin Sherwood Road/Roy Rogers Road, from Borchers Drive to Langer Farms Parkway. The project will improve traffic flow and circulation, improve safety for all modes of transportation, and accommodate anticipated future traffic capacity needs.

Proposed improvements being considered include:

  • Widening Tualatin Sherwood Road to include two westbound through lanes between Adams and Borchers.
  • Widening east of Langer Farms Parkway to carry a second eastbound through lane beyond the Langer Farms intersection.
  • Highway 99W intersection improvements to help the signal function efficiently.
  • Addition of bike facilities on both sides of Tualatin Sherwood Road within the project limits.

The County is also working with staff from the City of Sherwood, along with adjacent commercial property owners and business owners to identify needed traffic signal modifications within the project limits.

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Media Releases:
July 11, 2012 Open House
October 16, 2013 Open House

Project Contact

Daniel Erpenbach
Project Manager
(503) 846-7877
Email: Daniel Erpenbach

Additional Resources

Consultant's website: http:\\tsroadproject.com


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