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Recycling Update is produced by Washington County Solid Waste & Recycling. For more information go to, call 503-846-3605 or send an email

Recycling Update, residential newsletter

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Fall 2016 — includes: Can

  • Bottle and can redemption increasing to 10 cents
  • Look up what to recycle and where
  • What to do with leaves
  • Wood stove replacement
  • New website helps you save more of your food! 

Summer 2016 — includes: 

  • Metro is updating its garbage and recycling plans
  • Dispose of paint
  • How to prepare curbside recycling
  • Recycle and dispose of other items
  • What do you do with bulk items?
  • Disposal facilities
  • Garbage and Recycling Day tool makes managing recycling and garbage easier
  • Call your hauler for garbage and recycling collection questions

Spring 2016 — includes: PDF icon

  • Don't miss your garbage or recycling day ever again 
  • Request a presentation 
  • What to recycle at the curb 
  • New "what to recycle and where" tool online 
  • Recycle glass at the curb 
  • Residents pledge to waste less food at home 
  • Master Recyclers give to their community 
  • New BottleDrop location in Tigard 
  • Compost food scraps and yard debris at home 
  • Get Recycling Update in your inbox 
  • Neighborhood household hazardous waste collection events 
  • Getting to know Swatco
  • Call your hauler for garbage and recycling questions
  • Recycle at dispose of other items

Spring 2016 e-news version — includes:

  • Make your next home project green 
  • Buy recycled paint
  • And more

Winter 2016 — includes:

  • Residents pledge to waste less food
  • Update your recycling IQ
  • What's in our garbage
  • Washington County wins award
  • Facts about food waste
  • Master Recycler class graduates in Washington County
  • Group presentations on preventing food waste at home
  • Why do we recycle?
  • Recycle and dispose of other items
  • DIY remodelers should check for asbestos
  • Call your hauler for garbage and recycling questions

Fall 2015

Summer 2015

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