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Washington County Recycling Update newsletter spring 2014

Spring 2014 PDF icon (NEW) — Includes :

  • A Curbside Recycling Refresher
  • What to do With Bulky Items
  • How Curbside Collection Works
  • Glass Recycling at the Curb
  • New Recycling Videos Online
  • Request a Recycling Guide
  • Take Styrofoam to Drop-Off Recycling Centers
  • Recycle Plastic Chairs, Play Sets and More
  • Improved Rural Recycling Collection Service
  • Reusable Bag Tips
  • Think Long-Term With Home Remodels
  • Live With Less Stuff
  • Donate Used Building Materials
  • Home Composting – as Easy as 1, 2, 3
  • Recycle Scrap Wood and Lumber
  • Get Your Bottle and Can Deposit Back
  • Food by the Numbers:
  • Re-Use Business Spotlight: Community Warehouse
  • Businesses and Organizations Collect Food Scraps
  • Caruso Produce Reduces Garbage by Donating Food
  • Take Workplace Recycling to the Next Level
  • Business Assistance by the Numbers
  • Grow a Non-Toxic Garden or Lawn
  • Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events
  • Use Less Toxic Lawn Fertilizer
  • How to Prepare and Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste
  • Call Your Hauler for Garbage and Recycling Questions
  • Recycle and Dispose of Other Items
  • Disposal Facilities

Fall 2013 PDF icon — Includes:

  • Global Markets Affect What we Recycle
  • Plastics Recycling at the Curb
  • What is “Clamshell” Packaging?
  • New Rural Recycling Program
  • How to Prepare Recycling
  • New Recycling Labels
  • Solid Waste Advisory Committee
  • Westside Drop-Off Recycling Centers
  • 2014 Curbside Collection Calendar
  • Recycle Wrapping Paper, Holiday Lights and More
  • Recycle Holiday Greenery and Trees
  • Give the Gift of a Compost Bin
  • Winter Weather and Holiday Service Changes
  • Record Numbers Require Emergency Food
  • Buy a Live Christmas Tree
  • Become a Master Recycler
  • Give Holiday Cheer
  • Make Your Workplace a Green Space
  • Hillsboro Fire Stations Receive Recycling Award
  • Green Businesses Receive Awards
  • Recycle Rechargeable Batteries
  • PaintCare by the Numbers
  • Buy Recycled Paint
  • Make Your own Green Cleaners
  • Secure Drug Drop-Off Boxes
  • Is it Hazardous? Look to the Label
  • Call Your Hauler for Garbage and Recycling Questions
  • Recycle and Dispose of Other Items
  • Stop Unwanted Mail

Spring 2013 PDF icon — Includes:

  • Drop-off Center Recycling for the things you can’t put in your curbside recycling cart
  • Garbage & Recycling Collection Companies & Service Areas
  • Pre-cycling: Three Simple Steps to Waste Prevention
  • OMSI Science Exhibits
  • Trim Your Waste Line! Unclutter Your Mailbox Today!
  • Careful! It’s Hazardous!
  • Easy Cleaning Without Toxics
  • How Does Your Garden Grow?
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Secure Drug Drop-off Boxes
  • Medical Sharps: Safe Storage/Disposal
  • Make Your Recycling Efforts Count
  • Drop-off Recycling Locations
  • Collection Service in Unincorporated Washington    County
  • Residents Within City Limits
  • 2013 Curbside Collection Calendar
  • Keep Oregon Clean: Report Illegal Dumping
  • Summer Entertaining and Picnics!
  • Playing with Worms: Vermicomposting is Fun & Easy!
  • Oregon E-Cycles: Free Electronics Recycling Program
  • Why Recycle?
  • Don’t throw away $$ — redeem water bottles!
  • Waste — By the DEQ Numbers

Fall 2012 PDF icon — Includes:

  • New Recycling Opportunity Block Styrofoam – Westside Drop-off Locations
  • Garbage & Recycling Collection Companies & Service Areas
  • Top Questions from Callers
  • Make Your Recycling Efforts Count.
  • Want Help to Make Your Recycling Efforts Count?
  • Hazardous Waste Collected
  • Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Facilities
  • Today’s Garbage/Recycling Stations
  • Permanent Drug Drop-off Boxes
  • Safe Storage and Disposal of Medical Sharps
  • It’s your mailbox. You don’t have to let junk mail in.
  • Elect to Recycle or Reuse Campaign Signs!
  • Winter Weather and Collection Service Cancellations
  • Holiday Greenery Recycle in yard debris carts
  • Too Good to Waste? Donate to Charitable Reuse Organizations
  • Making the Season Brighter and Lighter!
  • Oregonians Battle the Curbside Bulge During the Holidays
  • Give the gift of the outdoors!
  • Regional Green Building hotline Offers Free Technical assistance!
  • Oregon E-Cycles: Free Electronics Recycling Program
  • Why Recycle?
  • Kid Stuff Booklets for Organizations and Washington County Schools!
  • Students...Looking for Report Resources?
  • Collection Service Unincorporated Washington County
  • Residential Yard Debris
  • 2013 Curbside Collection Calendar
  • Drop-off Recycling Locations

Spring 2012 PDF icon — Includes:

  • SPRING— a time for new beginnings!
  • Make Your Recycling Efforts Count.
  • Apartment/Multi-family Property Recycling: Steps to a clean & green community!
  • Get the Point on Sharps
  • Hazardous Waste Drop-Off Facilities
  • PaintCare: Buy Right. Reuse. Recycle.
  • Permanent Drug Drop-off Boxes
  • Code Enforcement in Washington County
  • Properly Dispose of or Recycle Unwanted Materials
  • Growing a Green Thumb
  • Catalog Choice
  • Master Recycler Class Fall 2012
  • Free Publications Available
  • Benefits of Carpooling
  • Carpet Recycling
  • Yes! Even the kitchen Sink! Resources for Salvaged Building Materials!
  • Remodeling? S-T-R-e-T-C-Rh Your Budget & Go Green!
  • Green Building Hotline
  • Collection Service Unincorporated Washington County
  • Residential Yard Debris
  • 2012 Curbside Collection Calendar
  • Drop-off Recycling Locations
  • Spring Cleaning: Green the Garage

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