Washington County Sheriff, Oregon

No Room For Racism

Sheriff Pat Garrett

The kind of racism and violence witnessed in Charlottesville was a troubling reminder that hate still exists in this country. While the disturbing images showing from that weekend are replayed by the media, I am compelled to focus my attention on the importance of embracing equity, justice and compassion. Recently, elected officials throughout the Metro region and I signed a statement showing unity and rejecting hate that seeks to divide us.

We are fortunate to work for and be surrounded by a moral and compassionate community that calls this county home. My deputies, standing alongside our local, state and federal partners, are sworn to protect each one of you and proudly do so every day. The oath is not only a sworn duty to protect but an honor we proudly uphold.

Law enforcement cannot go it alone; I rely on you to create safer communities. Improve relationships with your neighbors and meet new people who may not be like you.

As always, if you see something, say something. Report crimes and suspicious activities to non-emergency dispatch at (503) 629-0111. Washington County and the State of Oregon is growing - let's work together to ensure our future is free of hate.

Thank you,

Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett 

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Sheriff's Posse - The Sheriff's Posse was established in 1945 as a way to promote public safety and community involvement while preserving the rich tradition and history of mounted law enforcement. 15 members and 19 horses make up this unique team, often seen supporting search and rescue missions, parking details, crowd control, community events, safety fairs, and parades and ceremonies. Learn more here.

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