Code Enforcement


Code Enforcement Resources

In keeping with your Sheriff's Office mission to help solve neighborhood livability issues, we enjoy a close partnership with other county departments that are responsible for enforcing Washington County code violations.  To help citizens access the appropriate resources and to assist in the problem-solving process, we have links below to county webpages with  more information and online complaint forms.


Garbage, Weeds, or Noise

For complaints that include the accumulation of waste materials that are a public risk or that attract disease vectors (vermin), overgrown grass or weeds that present a fire hazard, or for noise complaints, please contact Washington County Solid Waste and Recycling Services at (503) 846-3605.


Land Use Violations

For issues dealing with land use violations, such as unpermitted home businesses, excess vehicles, fence height, setbacks, and flood plain fill, please contact Current Planning Services at (503) 846-4875 (Current Planning).


Building Code Violations

And, finally, if you have concerns about Building Code enforcement, to include abandoned, dangerous or dilapidated buildings, please contact Building Services at (503) 846-4875 (Current Planning).


Prohibited Parking Ordinance

You may also want to check out the Sheriff's Office page Vehicles and Parking for information about Washington County Ordinance 737, Prohibited Parking, including the prohibited parking presentation.