What is the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District (ESPD)?

Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol DistrictIf you live in urban Washington County, outside of the cities, there is a good chance you live in the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District.  The District includes the more densely populated urban areas that are outside of the cities that demand more police services than rural areas.  The Washington County Sheriff's Office has provided these enhanced services in the District for more than 25 years.

Enhanced Services

One of the primary services provided through the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District is enhanced police emergency response.  Enhanced services include investigating major crimes in the District such as homicide, assault, burglary and domestic violence.  Funding also provides deputies to answer calls regarding car break-ins, gang-related problems, traffic issues, and fraud and identity theft crimes. 



Voters established the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District in September 1987 by a 61% margin.  The district was initially funded in November 1987 and has been continuously renewed since its inception.

  • 1987 by a 52% margin (a 3-year levy)

  • 1990 by a 65% margin (a 4-year levy)

  • 1993 by a 68% margin (a 4-year levy)

  • 1997 by a 60% margin (a 5-year levy)

  • 2002 by a 68% margin (a 5 year levy)

  • 2008 by a 64% margin (a 5 year levy)

  • 2012 by a 51% margin (a 5 year levy)


Do you Live in this District?

ESPD Patrol Car

Many people believe their mailing address indicates whether they live in the Enhanced Sheriff's Patrol District, but this is not the case.  

For instance, residents living north of Highway 26 have a postal address in "Portland", but they actually live in urban Washington County, and receive ESPD services.  

Visit Who Patrols My Neighborhood to confirm whether you live in ESPD.


Other sources of Information:

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