Fighting Crime

Partners in Public Safety - hands shake under Sheriff's star

Your Sheriff's Enforcement Division works to maintain your safety and the safety of your property in Washington County. 


Patrol deputies respond to calls for service from the public, take self-initiated enforcement action (such as traffic citations), and investigate misdemeanor and felony crimes.  Deputies also work very hard to build and sustain partnerships with citizens, business owners, and neighborhoods and community groups.


Detectives in the division focus on specific felony criminal activity.  Their cases originate from reports made by the public and referrals from special operations teams and other agencies.  Detectives are organized into the following work groups according to their expertise:  Person Crimes (assault, robbery, sex offenses, child abuse, and death investigations); Property Crimes (burglary, theft, and arson); Fraud; Narcotics (all illegal drugs and labs); Gang Enforcement; and Forensics.


Your Sheriff's Office employs a geographic policing strategy. Under geo policing, citizens benefit by having a team of law enforcement personnel dedicated to a particular geographic region.  Public safety benefits when deputies build strong ties with people who live and work in their assigned patrol regions.  Together, we detect and resolve issues before they escalate into chronic problems.  To learn more about the services you receive from the Sheriff's Office, visit Who Patrols My Neighborhood.