Public Information Officers

PIO Sergeant Bob Ray

The Sheriff's Public Information Officer (PIO) provides critical updates to the community and the media about criminal investigations, death investigations, and other serious traffic-related incidents. The PIO also works to maintain positive relationships with the community by promoting Sheriff's Office programs and activities.


Sergeant Bob Ray is the full-time Public Information Officer for the Sheriff's Office. He is also supported by sergeants from patrol and the jail to ensure 24-hour coverage of critical or newsworthy events. 


The Sheriff's Public Information Officers work in close cooperation with other members of the Sheriff's Office in every organizational component to provide the most accurate and timely information possible.   

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Press releases are distributed instantly to the media via e-mail and to citizens via RSS feeds, FlashNews subscription, or upon accessing the Sheriff's web site. Please understand that the PIO will not release inappropriate or premature information that may compromise an ongoing investigation. 


Many public information-related services are accessible via this web page. In fact, by using the links and instructions on this page, you can be assured that your request will be sent to the person in our office who can respond most efficiently.


Helpful Links

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