Concealed Handguns

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The Sheriff's Office administers the concealed handgun licensing program for residents of Washington County.  Each applicant is fingerprinted and photographed, and an extensive criminal, civil, and mental health background check is conducted. Currently, there are approximately 21,500 Washington County residents with a concealed handgun license. The following list is a summary of the requirements set forth in ORS 166.291.


To qualify for a concealed handgun license you must:

  • be at least 21 years of age

  • provide documents indicating that you are a US citizen (a valid US passport, a birth certificate issued by Vital Statistics) or have proof of application with intent to become a citizen

  • not have any outstanding warrants or be free on any form of pretrial release

  • never have been convicted of a felony or have been found guilty of a felony except for insanity

  • not have been convicted of a misdemeanor in the last four years

  • not be a registered sex offender

  • not have a stalking or restraining order against you

  • not have been convicted of a drug-related crime or sentenced to diversion in any state UNLESS you were convicted only once for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana AND have never completed drug diversion; OR you have completed drug diversion AND have never been convicted of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana

  • not have received a dishonorable discharge from the US Armed Forces

  • pay appropriate fees

  • provide written documentation that demonstrates that you have taken a handgun safety course

  • pass a background check


Oregon CHL Course and Certificate

The Oregon State Sheriff's Association (OSSA) has created an educational course which satisfies the Oregon handgun safety training requirement to obtain your concealed handgun license.  Visit the OSSA website for details.



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New Applicants:  First-time applicants must complete the application form and mail it to Washington County Sheriff's Office, Concealed Handgun License Unit, 215 SW Adams Avenue MS #32, Hillsboro, OR 97123.  An appointment notice will be mailed to you indicating the date and time to come in and have your photograph and fingerprints taken.  The fee at the time of the appointment is $65 and the license is valid for four years.


Renewals:  Please contact the Concealed Handgun License Unit at (503) 846-2761 to schedule an appointment.  All concealed handgun license holders wishing to renew their licenses must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship at the time of appointment, such as a U.S. birth certificate (issued by state Vital Statistics), current U.S. passport, or naturalization papers (original documents only; photocopies will not be accepted).  You may complete the renewal form in advance by completing the fillable application.  Please print and bring the completed form to your appointment.


Address Change: If you are a current Washington County CHL cardholder and have moved within Washington County, please change your DMV information first, and then come by the CHL Office at the Sheriff's Office to obtain an updated card.  Please complete the application form online, then print and bring it with you.  An appointment is not necessary for an address change.  Our hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The cost of the address change is $15.


Transfer from another Oregon County: Oregon law requires the concealed handgun license be issued by the county of residence. If you have moved to Washington County, please call our office to schedule an appointment for the transfer of your Oregon Concealed Handgun License 503-846-2761. Appointments are necessary for these transactions.


Additional application information—please print and retain for your records.


For more detailed information call (503) 846-2761, or you may contact a staff member via e-mail.