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For some time, Washington County has battled the meth epidemic that holds many of our citizens in a cruel and vicious grip. Due to meth's extremely addictive nature and its numerous destructive effects on the human mind and body, it has become one of the most serious issues facing our neighborhoods and families today. As we seek solutions to the meth problem and the associated crime, violence, and child abuse, we realize that prevention and treatment efforts must go hand in hand with enforcement action.


Under the leadership of Sheriff Rob Gordon, the Washington County Sheriff's Office obtained grant funding to create a powerful prevention tool. A short film, entitled Crystal Misery, has been produced to educate and equip young people to resist the lure of methamphetamine.


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The film shares real-life stories of people in Washington County who were impacted by meth—by becoming victims of those caught up in it, or through the tragic consequences of their own addiction. 


Forget the hype. Crystal Misery gives you the real story about methamphetamine. Hear the straight up truth from people who have been there—people who smoked it, cooked it, and sold it.


You'll meet people just like you who made bad choices and then had to pay the consequences. Learn from their mistakes and how this highly addictive, insidious drug is ruining lives and hurting innocent people.


Crystal Misery gives you an inside look at the seductive rush that quickly turns into a nightmare of addiction, crime, ruined health, and tragic loss.  (Run time:  22 minutes)


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For further information or to schedule a presentation for your group, contact your Sheriff's Office Crime Prevention Specialist, Doreen Rivera, (503) 846-5930.


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A Grant Funded Project

This project was supported by Grant No. 2004-LB-BX-0824 awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of Justice. Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

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Drug Addiction Treatment Resources

Oregon counselors and social workers are bound by law to keep their client's identity, and any information they provide, confidential. However, there are special circumstances when information must be reported to the proper authorities and/or a family member. These guidelines are designed to keep young people, their families, friends, and the community safe.


Several options are available in Washington County and the Portland metropolitan area for anyone seeking help for themselves or someone they care about. Many of these sources provide counseling services on a sliding scale, which takes into account the client's financial situation.  


The following social service agencies provide free and confidential information on alcohol, drugs, and other issues such as family or relationship problems, depression, and suicide prevention.


Additional Community Resources

1-877-553-TEEN  Oregon Partnership YouthLine

(503) 291-9111     Washington County Crisis Line

(503) 640-4222     Youth Contact

(503) 645-9010     LifeWorks NW

(503) 535-1186     DePaul Youth and Family Services

(503) 648-0753     Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

(503) 245-6262     Acadia NW

(503) 239-8400     CODA, Inc.