Help ID Property

Help Us ID Property in Photos Below

We are requesting the public's help to identify property that was recovered during a recent arrest.


Investigators ask that you identify the property you own on this page, even if it is of low monetary value or if you do not want the item returned to you.


Use the Online Claim Form

If you believe you are the owner of an item, simply click on the picture and fill out the online claim form.  You will need to file a separate claim form for each item.  Please note the item number below the photo because you will need to include it on the form.


Please Wait for Our Reply to You, We Have Many Inquiries

We will review the information you provide and contact you within 7 days if we need additional information from you.  Please understand that we must review all claims for an item, along with the proof of ownership, to be sure we are returning property to the rightful owners.


We will also try to give you periodic updates on the case via email.


Clicking on any image on this page will take you to the Photo Gallery.  There, you will see enlarged versions of the pictures of people inside the frame.


See Photo Gallery.


Item 002 - Antique Camera. Click image to go to Photo Gallery

Click to claim item 002