Sheriff Pat Garrett

Sheriff Pat GarrettAs the 32nd Sheriff of Washington County, Conserving the Peace with integrity and professionalism remains top priority. We have a great team of deputies and staff who understand that our success is measured by a combination of results and how we treat everyone.


We will continue to aggressively fight drug trafficking organizations and gang violence to protect families and youth. Efforts in this arena require a balance among enforcement and education. We get the most done for you when police partners and our community work together. That's why I support interagency special enforcement teams that serve all areas of the county. These teams maximize our effectiveness and reduce the cost on any one individual agency.


Your Sheriff's Office will continue to conduct sex offender compliance checks throughout the county in order to keep vulnerable populations safer. Offenders located at their registered location are thanked for complying with the registration requirements. If they are found to no longer be at the registered location, we track them down and take enforcement action.


Continuing to operate the Jail to fully meet the county's needs will remain a priority. An unsung hero in crime fighting, our jail, and the men and women who operate it, provide one of the most important elements of our criminal justice system.


Finally, I will continue to support strong programs and services that solve crime, provide education to keep you safe, and serve the community in cost-effective ways. Some examples:


I hope you will take time to send a note when you interact with Sheriff's Office personnel and let us know how we're doing at taking care of you and the community.