Transient Lodging Tax

Transient Lodging Tax


Washington County Transient Lodging Program
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The Transient Lodging Tax is a tax collected from lodging guests (daily or weekly renters at hotels, motels and other lodgings establishments). This tax has been in existence since 1972.  In March 31, 2000 the tax rate within Washington County was 7%.  A new Ordinance was passed to take effect July 1, 2006 increasing the tax rate within Washington County to 9%.  Of the 9% tax collected within the Washington County, 5% is returned to the lodging operators as a service fee for the collection. 

The balance of the tax is distributed as follows: 26% to the Washington County Visitors Association, 28% to the Washington County General Fund, 11% to the Washington County Fair Complex, 7% to the Event Center and 28% is split amongst the cities within Washington County.

Effective October 1, 2016 the City of Beaverton enacted a 4% City of Beaverton only TLT. Information on this Beaverton tax can be found Here.

Washington County Transient Lodging Tax Code

   PDF documentation of the adopted 9% room tax collection code for Washington County.

Washington County Transient Lodging Tax Revenue Trends By Fiscal Year

   Revenue trends for the 6 previous fiscal years.

Transient Lodging Tax Flow Chart  



Transient Lodging Tax Registration Form

   Submitted to the County for new establishments or change in ownership or establishment name.

Transient Lodging Tax Remittance Form - (Not for  OTC or Booking Agents)

   Submitted for Monthly tax remittance.

Transient Lodging Tax Remittance Form OTC - (OTC or Booking Agents Only) 

   Submitted for Monthly tax remittance.

Transient Lodging Tax Remittance Form Beaverton - (City of Beaverton 4% TLT Tax Only)

   Submitted for Monthly tax remittance FOR CITY OF BEAVERTON 4% TLT TAX ONLY

Transient Lodging Tax Government Exemption Form 

   To assist in documentation of tax exemption for government business stays.