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Employee Orientation - New & Improved!

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Our title may sound familiar to some, but this new program is designed for all employees to participate. You may understand our culture, but do you know how this has evolved and where we are headed in the future?

Human Resources has worked collaboratively with the County Administrative Office, Risk Management, Sustainability, Recycle at Work and Emergency Preparedness staff to design a comprehensive program filled with valuable information all County employees should know.

A few highlights include:

  • Our County Administrative Office shares the County's history and vision for the future.
  • Our resident Emergency Preparedness expert presents an informative session on how to prepare you and your home so that you as an employee can be effective in an emergency.
  • Our Sustainability program educator increases our awareness of what sustainability and recycling at work means and how it is a lot of little things that we can do each day that make a difference.
  • Participate in a fun interactive networking opportunity with other employees.

Review the Program Agenda for details and topics covered in this program. Come to all or just a part. It is up to you and your supervisor. Visit the Training Calendar, for dates, times and location. Interested in attending? Enroll directly through WISARD Learner Self-Service.


Workplace Inclusion Workshop - Oct. 22, 2014


Diversity Training, Cultural Awareness, Diversity and Inclusion, Cultural Competence, regardless of what the training is called, these are topics that need to be continually discussed throughout organizations to ensure that we continue to move in the right direction of simply being more inclusive of all people.

The Workplace Inclusion Workshop, which promises to be fun and interactive, provides participants with a deeper understanding of unconscious bias and how it impacts our personal and professional lives. We will also explore its effect on productivity, workplace relationships, and customer service. Once we understand our biases, we will learn how to increase our cultural intelligence as the antidote through a series of activities.

When: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. (lunch 12 – 1 p.m.)
Where:  Public Services Building, Auditorium
How: Log on to WISARD Learner Self-service, browse Human Resources / 2014 Training / Professional Development, select a workshop and click enroll

Our workshop facilitators believe becoming culturally competent is not a destination, nor is it just about figuring other people out. It is about becoming more aware of who we are in the context of the increasingly complex and culturally diverse world in which we live and work. It is a process, one of learning how to foster better relationships, how to be more productive, and how to improve job performance.


Employee Lending Library

Lending Library-stack of books

We have books and DVD's to lend you for your reading enjoyment or viewing at workgroup meetings. Here are some of the latest additions to our library:

  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team ~ Patrick Lencioni
  • The First-Time Manager ~ Loren B. Belker and Gary S. Topchi
  • Leadership Secrets ~ Local Government Human Resources Officials - IPMA-HR
  • Documenting Discipline ~ Mike Deblieux

We have several other leadership, communication and supervisory related books. Check out the complete list of what is in our library. To check out an item, send an email to: with your request. 

Do you have employment related books and videos collecting dust at home? If you think others could benefit from your unused resources, consider donating them to our library.

Domestic Violence Leave Policy Training

Are you someone that prefers to have as many supervisory tools in your toolbox as you can? The Domestic Violence Leave Training was designed to provide managers and supervisors with an overview of Washington County's Domestic Violence Leave Policy.

Included in the training are guidelines for:

  • When and how to talk to an employee about domestic abuse/violence
  • Taking reasonable safety measures
  • Providing support and assistance to victims of domestic violence
  • Use of accrued leave for absences
  • Record keeping
  • Prohibited discrimination

Supervisors interested in having this training become
part of your County training record, log on to WISARD
Learner Self-Service to complete the training.

For assistance navigating through WISARD, follow these how-to instructions.

Employees interested in viewing the training, click the link below to begin.

Domestic Violence Leave Policy Training

If you have questions regarding the policy, process or guidance in working through any Domestic Violence Leave situation, contact your HR Liaison.



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