2018 Healthy Choices

New Medical Plan

The purpose of Healthy Choices is to create a culture of health and wellness for participants and to more effectively manage the escalation of health care expenses for the County.By completing the wellness activities, participants are able to earn the Healthy Choices incentive.  Washington County's Healthy Choices program will kick off beginning June 2, 2017.


New! The Power of Vitality 

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Vitality is an interactive mobile wellness platform for all employees who are benefit eligible to use. By integrating our Healthy Choices Wellness activities into the Vitality platform, you experience a onetime log in, convenience of using a mobile device and are able to receive current health information articles, recipes, or sync your fitness tracker. 



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No more points to track. 

Just complete the two activities and receive a checked completion on the employer incentive page and you are done!

Important Note:  The Power of Vitality replaces myProvidence and any activities completed on myProvidence will not be credited towards the Healthy Choices Incentive. 





 Wellness Activities

Each year, benefit eligible employees have the opportunity participate in wellness activities to earn the Healthy Choices incentive.This year, wellness activities must be completed by October 31, 2017 for 2018 benefits, and are as follows:

  • Vitality Health Review-VHR(Health Risk Assessment), including your current *biometric screening measurements

Choose one of the following additional Wellness activities:

Note:  The below activities are only available on a desktop login on the Vitality Platform.

  • Flu Shot-(by email attestation)
  • Mental Well-being Review
  • Physical Activity Review
  • Nutrition Course

All employees who are benefit eligible regardless of Providence or Kaiser Member may participate in Healthy Choices incentive on the Vitality platform at powerofvitalitycom.

*Biometric Screening Numbers = Fasting-glucose, cholesterol-LDL, HDL and triglycerides, blood pressure, height, weight and waist circumference.


Look for this personalized confirmation "Congratulations" message!  

This is your confirmation that you have earned Healthy Choices incentive for 2018 benefits.

 Congratulations message

Privacy Reminder: Washington County is committed to respecting and protecting our employees' privacy. The County will only receive notification of your completion of the personal health assessment and will never receive your individual biometric screening or confidential online health assessment results.

2016 Healthy ChoicesWhen to Start and Finish

Begin the wellness activities at any time.  Deadline for completion is October 31, 2017 to be eligible for the Healthy Choices incentive in 2018.

How to Get Started

  1. Create your Powerofvitality.com account
  2. Complete the Vitality Health Review (Health risk assessment) and include your current *biometric measurements
  3. Complete one other activity - go to the employer incentive page from your Vitality account and pick an activity of your choice.
  4. Look on your Vitality account homepage for the personalized confirmation "Congratulations" message.

Documents to Help You Create, Participate and Complete Wellness Activities


How May We Help You?

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All County Email sent 6-2-17 - Announcing Healthy Choices Incentive for 2018 benefits