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2018 Healthy Choices

2018 Healthy Choices

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 The purpose of Healthy Choices is to create a culture of health and wellness for participants and to more effectively manage the escalation of health care expenses for the County. By completing the wellness activities, participants are able to earn the Healthy Choices incentive. Washington County's Healthy Choices program will kick off beginning June 2, 2017.  For more information choose this link.


Washington County Receives Healthy Employer Award

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2017 Award


Washington County Receives Healthiest Employer Award Third Year in a Row

Washington County's commitment to employee wellness has been recognized by the Portland Business Journal with their Healthiest Employer Award for the third year in a row. Washington County works to emphasize and reinforce health awareness by providing access to free biometric screenings, online personal health assessments, health-related workshops and other strategies which support the overall health of employees and their families.

According to Human Resources Manager Steve Sanford, the objective of the County's workplace wellness program is more than just lowering health care costs. "In addition to the potential financial savings, we believe our employee wellness program helps to improve productivity and teamwork, and creates a culture of wellness within the organization. Washington County is proud to receive this award and we'll continue to make the health and wellness of our staff a priority."


About the Program

The Washington County Wellness Program is designed to provide community resources, education and programs that encourage County employees to make healthy lifestyle choices, which will serve to strengthen the existing culture of health, leading to healthier, happier and more effective employees.

The Wellness Committee is comprised of "Wellness Champions" - a group of employees representing various departments of Washington County.  Through monthly meetings, the committee is dedicated to developing resources, education materials and activities that support the wellness program mission.

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To support a culture of wellness by enhancing opportunities for employees to develop healthier lifestyles.

A thorough assessment of healthcare utilization, work environments and employee wellness interests was completed to assist with developing the Wellness Program action plan.  To learn more about the assessment, read the Wellness Program Assessment Summary.

Support Employees with Healthy Meetings

In July, guidelines for Healthy & Sustainable Meetings were approved by Washington County Administrative Office. By incorporating sustainability and health considerations in meeting and event coordination decisions, the County hopes to promote practices that conserve resources, improve employee well-being, and encourage responsible behaviors.

When planning your next meeting or event use the Healthy Meeting Guidelines and Sustainable Meeting and Event Guidelines, to create an environment that will help your coworkers feel healthier and more energized so they can perform their best. Support your co-workers by posting the Healthy and Sustainable Tips for Meetings poster in employee common areas.

Questions? Contact Julee Howard (x8261) regarding the healthy meeting guidelines and Robin Straughan (x8857) regarding the sustainable guidelines. 

Looking for Wellness Resources?

Wellness Coaching
Do you have a tobacco habit? Snack to soothe your stress? Leave your walking shoes in the closet? It can be hard to make healthy changes — and stick with them. Wellness coaches can help.
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Discounts & Savings
Both healthcare plans have a wide variety of discount programs and services. Learn how you can adopt healthy behaviors, save on recreational activities, or simply enjoy life more.
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Health Assessment image
The first step in taking control of your health is to understand your health status and risks. Your personal health assessment is a private, secure online tool.
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Kaiser Permanente  (Note:  Kaiser members, if you wish to earn the Healthy Choices incentive for 2017, follow these instructions)
Alternative Medicine
Alternative Care
Did you know both healthcare plans include chiropractic, naturopathy and acupuncture coverage? Check with your specific healthcare plan on massage therapy coverage. 
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Email us at EmployeeWellness@co.washington.or.us.


Healthy Employees.  Healthy County.