Building Closures

In the rare event that a County building is damaged, is inaccessible or has a prolonged power outage, the County Administrator may announce that such a building is closed. Only the personnel tasked with addressing the damage or outage would be authorized to enter such a building.

Employees should follow these steps in the event of a building closure:

  1. Assess the period of time that the County estimates the building is likely to remain closed.
  2. Talk with your supervisor about whether the County will have an alternate location for you to work in and how soon it might be available. Discuss your safe travel options and how you might be able to cover for those not able to get to work.
  3. Contact clients and colleagues to reschedule any appointment or meeting that could be postponed until after the weather improves.
  4. Coordinate with the County Administrative Office about any outreach to the media.
    Forward phone lines and/or change out-message recordings to inform callers about the adjustments to hours of operation. Similarly, activate “out of office” auto reply messages for email and post changes in hours on your department/program’s web pages.
  5. If your supervisor agrees to allow you to work from home, use the materials and supplies you may have already gathered prior to the onset of inclement weather to complete assigned work tasks. In some cases, you may be doing work outside of your usual area of expertise, so additional guidance may be necessary from your supervisors and/or work colleagues.
  6. If your building is still closed and you have completed or do not have any work approved by your supervisor to perform from home, your supervisor could consider assigning you these tasks and training options:
  1. If no other work assignments can be made by your supervisor or manager, you cannot make adjust your work schedule or make up lost hours and you have exhausted the tasks and trainings listed above, you must use accrued leave, such as compensatory time, vacation leave, administrative leave, floating holiday.