Inclement Weather

Washington County provides a wide array of services many of which must be staffed during inclement weather and other emergent events. These services include law enforcement, road operations, emergency management, support services emergency-related functions and the operation of 24-hour facilities such as the jail, corrections center, animal shelter and juvenile shelter. In support of these employees and essential functions relied upon by the public, the County follows an Inclement Weather Policy whereby County buildings generally remain open as scheduled. This web page is intended to provide status updates and policy guidance to employees and their supervisors about the County’s approach toward current or potential weather events.

Situation Updates

Inbound Landline Phone Service Disrupted at Several County Buildings

UPDATED: 08/23/2017
Construction activity has disrupted inbound landline phone service to several Washington County buildings in Hillsboro. Due to the severity of the damage, repair work to address the issue may take several hours.

Where to Stay Cool this Week in Washington County

Release date: 07/31/2017
Hours of operation for libraries, recreational and other facilities that can be used to stay cool during this week's heat event

Staying Informed

Official word about the status of County facilities will be provided on the County website, as well as:

Procedures for Employees

Employees should communicate with their supervisors to work out staffing plans throughout inclement weather events. In some cases, department directors and managers, in coordination with the County Administrative Office, may curtail normal operational hours and adjust staffing patterns so that essential functions can continue while other services are temporarily put on hold. In rare cases, a County building may not be safe to approach or work in, in which case it will be closed. The following guidance, based on the County’s Inclement Weather Policy, is intended to help with this range of scenarios.

Pre-event Discussion Points
The following steps can help guide employees, ideally before an inclement weather event unfolds:

  1. Make sure you and your supervisor have after-hours contact information for each other.
  2. Talk with your supervisor about safe transportation options for reporting to work during inclement weather.
  3. Discuss with your supervisor the kinds of job tasks that you might be able to assist with if others in your work group are not able to report to work.
  4. Talk with your supervisor about work that you may be able to do from home, if necessary. If appropriate, gather the materials needed to accomplish this work and bring them home ahead of time. As an alternative, review the list of tasks and trainings under “Building Closures” scenario that could be accomplished. In some cases, materials from these tasks and trainings could be printed ahead of time and stored at home.

As inclement weather is forecasted or begins to take hold here in Washington County, additional guidance can be found related to these two scenarios: