Operational Curtailment

Should weather events make it difficult or hazardous for staff and the public to travel to County facilities, department directors and managers may, in coordination with the County Administrative Office, curtail operations. It is important to understand that a curtailment of services is not the same as a building closure. Although the building out of which a program operates would remain open, a service curtailment would mean that limited staffing would be devoted to essential functions only. Here are steps to be taken when curtailing services:

  1. Assess the period of time that weather is likely to impact the delivery of services.
  2. Talk to your supervisor about your safe travel options over this span of time and how you might be able to cover for those not able to get to work.
  3. If your supervisor agrees to allow you to work from home, gather the materials and supplies necessary prior to the onset of inclement weather. In some cases, you may be doing work outside of your usual area of expertise, so additional guidance may be necessary from your work colleagues.
  4. Contact clients and colleagues to reschedule any appointment, event or meeting that could be postponed until after the weather improves. Coordinate with the County Administrative Office about any outreach to the media.
  5. Forward phone lines and/or change out-message recordings to inform callers about the adjustments to hours of operation. Similarly, activate "out of office" auto reply messages for email and post changes in hours on your department/program's web pages. Lock doors and shut down computers, lights and other equipment as appropriate.