Workers Compensation

Through the County's Workers’ Compensation Program, the Risk Management Division provides and/or coordinates claims management, time loss benefits, and the return to work process for County workers who are injured on the job.

The Risk Management Division is available to assist all County employees, supervisors, and departments in the workers’ compensation process.

Washington County is self-insured for workers’ compensation.  The County contracts with a third-party administrator (TPA) to administer all claims filed.  The County’s Risk Management Division works closely with the TPA.

All County employees are insured for injuries or illnesses arising out of and in the course of their employment.  Employees who believe that their injury or illness is work related should contact their supervisor and report the injury or illness as soon as possible.

Reporting On-The-Job Injuries:

The Injured Worker Packet is a useful tool for on-the-job injuries as it contains all forms that may be necessary for an on-the-job injury along with step-by-step instructions for completing the forms. 

Managed Care Organizations:

Washington County has contracted with two managed care organizations (MCO's), Providence and Kaiser On-the-Job, to assist in managing medical care for employees who are injured on the job. When an employee files an occupational injury or illness claim, he or she will automatically be enrolled into the MCO that is the same as their health benefit plan. The injured employee will receive detailed information about the MCO, including a provider directory, from the County's claims administrator, TPA.

Volunteer Injuries:

Volunteers appointed in writing by a department for specified duties may be covered for medical coverage. All injuries to volunteers, regardless of whether a claim is filed, must be reported within 24 hours to Risk Management on the Washington County Occupational Injury Report form.


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