In Your Office

There are many ways employees can help make Washington County a more sustainable place to work. Employees are encouraged to use sustainable strategies and best practices in order to be good stewards of County resources. Check out all the actions on the Washington County Sustainability Pledge. Pick a few for yourself to try, sign the pledge, and post it in your workspace for your colleagues to see.

Here are key areas where employees are taking steps to advance sustainability in day-to-day operations.

Conserve Energy

Washington County is working hard to reduce building energy use to save money and conserve resources. Here are ten simple ways County employees can save energy in their offices. Learn more by visiting our Energy Conservation Campaign.

Employee Suggestion Program

Washington County values input from employees! The Employee Suggestion Program is designed to gather sustainable ideas that save the County money or improve efficiency of operations.  To learn more, read the program overview.  To learn about the suggestions implemented in the program, read the latest summary.

Recycle at Work

Recycling at Washington County offices is similar to residential curbside recycling in Washington County -- most paper, plastic and metal is combined in one mixed recycling bin and glass is collected separately. For more information about what can be recycled and how the County's waste management system works, read this Q & A document.

Reduce Waste

Washington County is trying to reduce the amount of garbage generated. Here are 15 simple tips for waste reduction. For more information, visit Washington County's Waste Prevention site to get tips on waste reduction and take the pledge to lower waste.

Ride Bicycles and Walk

Washington County is working to expand and develop safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. Visit the County's Land Use & Transportation Bike and Pedestrian site for more information, to learn about road improvements, or to report a road-related problem. Employees that live within 5 miles of work may be able to commute by bike in 30 minutes or less. This map shows a 3- and 5-mile radius from downtown Hillsboro.

TriMet Pass Program

The County encourages employees to utilize public transit. All regular employees are eligible for a free annual TriMet pass. TriMet operates mass transit throughout the Portland metropolitan region, including Washington County. Employees should consider their commute options and contact Human Resources to receive their annual pass.

Beaverton Transit Center MAX Station recycle-garbage pair bike rack at County