Let's Talk About It

Do you need speakers for your civic organization, school, business, or other group?  Look no further than the Washington County speaker series, “Let’s Talk About It!”  From health matters to public safety, animals to politics, you’re sure to find a topic to interest your audience.  Washington County offers group presentations on a variety of topics… for free!

Request your presentation through our online link.  One of our many professionals will work with you to provide a presentation that best fits your group’s needs and interests.

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Community Corrections Bringing Honor to Crime Victims
Community Corrections Crime Victims, Trauma and Healing
Community Corrections The Individual and Community Impact of Domestic Violence
Community Corrections Understanding Violent Crimes Against Women
Cooperative Library Services Unique Opportunities Available at your Local Library
Extension Service Find Your Voice Through Your CPO
Health & Human Services Aging and Aging Parents
Health & Human Services Be Safe! Avoid a Dog Bite (for Elementary or Middle Level Students)
Health & Human Services Before It's Too Late, Vaccinate
Health & Human Services Breastfeeding: The Best Investment
Health & Human Services Controlling Communicable Disease
Health & Human Services Disaster Preparedness for Pets (for pet owners, veterinarians, boarding facilities, etc.)
Health & Human Services Diseases: Causes, Transmission and Prevention
Health & Human Services Dog Safety for Employees and Individuals (those who work in professions where they are likely to encounter dogs)
Health & Human Services Food Safety 101: Foodborne Illness Prevention Begins at Home
Health & Human Services Food Safety: Behind The Scenes In Restaurants
Health & Human Services Gambling: When It's No Longer A Game
Health & Human Services Getting Ready for Emergencies!
Health & Human Services HIV: What You Need To Know
Health & Human Services I'm a Family Caregiver - What Help is Available?
Health & Human Services Learn About Your Local Animal Shelter (Adults of All Ages)
Health & Human Services Medicare and You
Health & Human Services Mosquito Control:What You Can Do To Help
Health & Human Services Pandemics
Health & Human Services Pool and Spa Safety
Health & Human Services Protect Your Water
Health & Human Services Put a Lid on Trash - Easy Waste Prevention Tips
Health & Human Services Recycling 101 - Where to Get Started
Health & Human Services Recycling Depots and Programs - When Materials Are Not Part of the Curbside Program
Health & Human Services Recycling For Apartment/Condo Communities
Health & Human Services Reduce Your Business’ Waste
Health & Human Services Safety and Sanitation in Child Care Facilities: A Guide for Parents
Health & Human Services Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)
Health & Human Services So You Want to Work With Animals (for Middle or High School Level Students)
Health & Human Services Talking To Your Kids About Sex
Health & Human Services The Nature of Addiction
Health & Human Services What Benefits am I Entitled to as a Veteran?
Health & Human Services What's on Your Plate
Health & Human Services Who Should Have Flu Shots?
Health & Human Services WIC: Good Nutrition Prescription
Health & Human Services Women's Health: Breast/Cervical Cancer Screening, Family Planning, and STI's
Housing Services Affordable Housing: Are We Doing Our Share?
Housing Services Feel Like Housing's Gone Through The Roof?
Land Use & Transportation Building or Remodeling? Think Permit!
Land Use & Transportation Construction Headaches Today, Improvements Tomorrow
Land Use & Transportation Driving through Flashing Yellow Arrows
Land Use & Transportation Flood Plain Management and National Flood Insurance
Land Use & Transportation Maintaining Our County’s Road System – Who? What? When? Where? (We know why…)
Land Use & Transportation Managing Traffic for Less Congestion, More Capacity
Land Use & Transportation Paying for Transportation Progress
Land Use & Transportation Traffic Calming and the Neighborhood Streets Program
Land Use & Transportation What Does it Take to Maintain Our County's Road System?
Sheriff's Office Bike Safety and Helmet Laws
Sheriff's Office Boat and Water Safety
Sheriff's Office Bullying and Aggressive Behavior Among School-aged Children
Sheriff's Office Child Safety Strategies
Sheriff's Office Crystal Misery
Sheriff's Office Don't Fall for A Telephone Line
Sheriff's Office Drug Awareness & Prevention Strategies
Sheriff's Office Fight Crime Through Design
Sheriff's Office Financial Exploitation
Sheriff's Office Gang Prevention and Intervention Program
Sheriff's Office Gangs in Washington County
Sheriff's Office Identity Theft, Fraud and Scams
Sheriff's Office Internet Safety (parents or kids & teens)
Sheriff's Office Landlord Training Program
Sheriff's Office Local Jail Operations and Issues
Sheriff's Office Map Your Neighborhood
Sheriff's Office Realtors Personal Safety Course
Sheriff's Office Recidivism in Our Community: Breaking the Cycle
Sheriff's Office Recognizing Child Molesters: A New Approach to Protecting Children
Sheriff's Office Safety in the Workplace
Sheriff's Office Social Networking: Raising Safe and Responsible Digital Citizens
Sheriff's Office Starting a Neighborhood Watch Program in Your Community
Sheriff's Office Strategies for Personal Safety
Sheriff's Office Teens & Driving
Sheriff's Office Youth Violence