Value Appeals

If you disagree with the property values on your tax statement, you may file an appeal to the Board of Property Tax Appeals no later than December 31. If December 31 falls on a weekend or holiday, the filing deadline will be the next business day. You may obtain petition forms by calling (503) 846-3854 or go to our Board of Property Tax Appeals (BoPTA) website.  If you have value questions you may call (503) 846-8826.

The Board of Property Tax Appeals (BoPTA) is comprised of independent citizens appointed by the Board of Commissioners. They are authorized by law to hear appeals of your property's value, not the amount of tax you pay. Board members must make their decision based on the evidence presented and their knowledge of the market. BoPTA does not have authority to consider appeals for prior years, only the current year. You may request to be present at a hearing to present your case, or let the board render a decision based on the petition you file. The hearing is informal and does not require special representation by an attorney.

The Real Market Value (RMV) is the County appraiser's estimate of the price your property would sell for as of      January 1, 2021. The Maximum Assessed Value (MAV) is tracked separately from the RMV and represents the property tax relief established in 1997 (Measure 50). The Assessed Value (AV) is the lower of the RMV or MAV.

If your property has had changes since last year, your assessed value may have been affected. Typical changes that could affect this value are new additions, major remodeling or new construction, rezoning or subdivision. The value added for these changes is based on the market value of the new property multiplied by a percentage that reflects the assessment level of similar properties in the County.

If you need assistance understanding how your property values were determined, contact the Appraisal office at (503) 846-8826. 

Appeals that do not pertain to late filing penalties or with property values must be appealed directly to the Magistrate Division of the Oregon Tax Court.