2 Year Redemption Period

Once Judgment is granted by the circuit court, the two year redemption period commences.  To get your property back during this period, you must pay the judgment amount, which includes the published tax, interest, and 5 percent penalty, plus 9% interest.  There is also a $50 lien holder fee that is assessed at this time.  Partial payments are not accepted.  Only the following persons can redeem the property:

  1. a person with recorded legal interest in the property at the date of judgment and decree,
  2. an heir or devisee of a person with a legal interest in the property,
  3. a holder of a lien of record on the property, such as a mortgage company,
  4. a municipal corporation with a lien on the property, such as a city or sewer district.

Not later than one year before the redemption period expires, all persons with a legally recorded interest in the property are notified by regular and certified mail that the period of redemption will end.  The tax collector is responsible for providing this notice.  Title companies provide litigation reports to identify the lien holders that are notified.  Actual cost of the litigation will be charged to the property in lieu of the $50.00 lien holder fee.

The taxpayer keeps possession of the property up to the time the tax collector deeds the property to the county.  If the property is damaged or destroyed in any way during the period of redemption, it may be immediately acquired by the tax collector.