Property Information

Lien Against Property 

The deferred taxes paid by the state become a first lien on your property, except for the liens of mortgages or trust deeds that were recorded before the deferred taxes.  The lien amount is an estimate of future taxes to be paid and interest to be charged. 

Delinquent Taxes (Delay of Foreclosure) 

You may apply to defer future taxes even if you owe some delinquent taxes from previous years.  After having received your deferral approval from the Department of Revenue, contact your county assessor for more information and an application for Delay of Foreclosure.

Personal property manufactured homes and floating homes do not qualify for delay of foreclosure. 

Continuing the Deferral

Due to legislative changes, please contact the Oregon Department of Revenue at 1-503-945-8348 or email for more information.  Also, refer to their website for answers to many common questions.