Changes to Cadastral Map

Divisions of Taxlots

Taxlot divisions are initiated through the Planning, Building or Permit Department of the appropriate jurisdiction.  Upon receiving the approval from the appropriate jurisdiction, the property owner must record a plat or deed(s) to adjust the property lines.  After the necessary documents are recorded, cartography changes the tax record and maps to reflect the change.

Consolidation of Taxlots by Deed Only

Consolidations of real property accounts can be accomplished as long as the following conditions are met:

  • Taxes must be paid on all of the accounts (ORS 308.210(3)(4)). Contact the Washington County Tax Collection office at (503) 846-8801 to verify the amount of taxes due. If the consolidation request is received after July 1, but before the tax rolls have been certified (usually in October) the consolidation will be held until the taxes are paid. If you wish to have the consolidation completed before the tax roll is certified, a pre-payment processing fee will need to be paid in addition to the pre-payment of the estimated tax. 
  • Any mortgage must cover all properties being consolidated or a letter from the Mortgage Company consenting to the consolidation must accompany the consolidation request (ORS 311.280(2)).  
  • Properties with different tax codes.  If the purpose of the consolidation is to only receive one tax statement, that will not be possible.  A separate tax statement will still be printed for each portion in the different tax code.  This is known as a "split code."  The consolidation will still give you one taxlot, but two tax accounts and statements. 
  • The property fits on one map
  • The properties are contiguous to one another. 
  • Improvements are located on only one of the parcels being consolidated. Exceptions to this include business properties. 
  • Check with the appropriate planning department before recording any deed to consolidate lots (removing underlying lot lines).

If a Local Improvement District (L.I.D.) special assessment exists, Washington County Land Use & Transportation (LUT) and/or Clean Water Services (CWS) approval will be required before the consolidation can be done.

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