Manufactured Homes Overview

The Building Codes Division (BCD) in Salem is responsible for recording ownership, security interest and location for all manufactured homes in Oregon that are not "deeded" as real property.  Washington County Department of Assessment & Taxation acts as an agent for the BCD and accepts Manufactured Home Ownership Documents (MHODS) for transactions involving homes located in or moving to Washington County.

The necessary forms are available in a fillable PDF format at or can be requested by contacting our office at 503-846-8741.

Every transaction requires a valid Tax Certification, obtained from the county in which the home is located AND submitted before the expiration date entered by the county official on the certification. 

The MHODS forms may be submitted either to our office or to the state BCD office, along with the required fees and valid Tax Certification. If we are processing in our office, you may request the Tax Certification at the time you submit the MHODS documents to us. If you are processing directly with the state BCD, you must obtain a Tax Certification from our office PRIOR to submitting the MHODS documents to the state. 

After the transaction is processed, you will receive a new or updated ownership document in the U.S. Mail.

Contact information for BCD can be found at

Additional information about forms and requirements may be found at the printable Manufactured Home Ownership Document Transaction Guide