Appearing Before an Agent

When appearing before the acceptance agent you must have:

  1. Proof of Citizenship - A certified copy of your Birth Certificate issued by the Department of Vital Statistics.  Birth Certificates used as proof of citizenship must include the full name of the applicant, the applicant's date and place of birth, the date the certificate was filed in the state registrar's office, the signature of the registrar, the parents' full names, and have a raised, impressed, embossed or multi-colored seal.  An expired passport or a US Naturalization Certificate may also be used as proof of citizenship. For applicants under 16 presenting an expired passport or a Certificate of Naturalization, we also require a copy of the birth certificate showing the parental relationship.
  2. One Passport Photo - which has been taken within the past six months and shows current appearance. Photo must be color, 2" X 2", show a clear image of your face, and be taken against a plain white or off-white background. Do not wear glasses, photo-shop the image, or wear a uniform or camouflage. Vending machine prints, selfies, full-length photographs & school pictures are not acceptable.
  3. Current Identification - Valid Driver’s license or other acceptable picture identification. If ID is out-of-state, less than one year old, or limited term, you will be asked to present two additional forms of secondary identification.
  4. Checks or money orders for payment - There will be two separate fees for each application. We do not accept credit or debit cards.
  5. Completed application - The only passport application processed in this office is Form DS11, also available online at

For All Minors Under Age 16:

  • The minor child must appear in person.
  • All applications for children under 16 require both parents' or legal guardians' consent. (See Special Requirements for Children Under Age 16 at )
  • Must present proof of parental relationship, even if child already has a passport. Usually this is the child's birth certificate.

For All Minors Age 16 to 17:

  • The minor child must appear in person.
  • For security reasons, parental consent will be requested.
  • If your child does not have a driver's license of his/her own, one parent needs to accompany the child, present identification, and co-sign the application.