You may renew your passport book or card by mail if:

  1. You have been issued a US Passport in your name within the past 15 years; and 
  2. You must submit your most recent US Passport with the application; and 
  3. You must have been 16 or older when your most recent Passport was issued; and
  4. Your most recent Passport which you are renewing has not been damaged or reported lost or stolen; and
  5. You use the same name as on your most recent passport OR you have had your name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect your name change.

Use renewal form DS-82, also available online at  Please follow mailing and payment instructions.  

The passport renewal fee is $130.00, payable to the US Dept. of State. Routine processing is currently 8-11 weeks. Expedited processing is currently 5-7 weeks, and costs an additional $60.00.

For additional information, visit

Please note:  Our office does not process the DS-82 renewal form; it is a by mail form only.