Transfer Tax Exemption

General Information

Transfer tax is imposed on each transfer of real property located within Washington County.  "Transfer of real property" means and includes every grant, sale, exchange, assignment, quitclaim, contract for sale, or other conveyance of ownership in title to real property.  The tax is one dollar per thousand dollars (or fraction thereof) of the selling price.  "Selling price" means the value of consideration, in money or any other thing of value, which is paid, delivered, or contracted to be paid or delivered, in return for the transfer of real property.  Selling price includes the amount of cash and the amount of any lien, mortgage, contract, indebtedness or any encumbrance existing against the property to which the property remains subject and which the purchaser agrees to pay or assume.  Selling price also includes the value of other property given or promised for the transfer of real property, if such other property or value was deemed consideration for the transfer in whole or in part.  Pursuant to ORS 93.030, a statement of consideration must appear on the face of any instrument conveying, or contracting to convey, fee title to real property.  The transfer tax is due within fifteen days of the recording of the instrument transferring the property.  Liability for the tax shall attach upon every purchaser and seller.

When Is The Tax Due?

You must pay the tax or file for an exemption within fifteen (15) days from the date of recording.  It is imperative that one or the other is done to avoid a late penalty.

Exemption From Transfer Tax

Certain types of transactions are exempt from payment of transfer tax.  If you believe you may qualify for an exemption, carefully read and follow the instructions on the appropriate form.  You may also wish to obtain professional legal advice.