Re-Recording of Instruments

(Effective January 1, 2010)

If your instrument is recorded and later found to have missing, incomplete, or incorrect information, you may wish to re-record the instrument.  If you correct and re-record an instrument, the recording fee is charged again.  In addition, there will be a charge for an additional page for the re-recording cover sheet.

Oregon law (ORS 205.244) requires that the following statement appear on a re-recorded instrument:


Re-recording of an ORIGINAL instrument:

  • The necessary additions or corrections may be made on the document itself.
  • The required re-recording statement (above) must be included on the first page of the document, or on an attached cover sheet that contains the information specified in ORS 205.234(2).
  • The corrected instrument need not be acknowledged again.

Re-recording a CERTIFIED COPY of a previously recorded instrument:

  • A certified copy of the original instrument may not be altered to correct the original instrument (ORS 205.244(3)).
  • An unaltered certified copy of the original recorded instrument should be attached to a cover sheet.  The cover sheet must contain the information specified in ORS 205.234(2).  The re-recorded document may include attachments identified on the cover sheet that are necessary to make the corrections.