Requirements for Standard Recording

Recording Requirements for Standard Recording:

  • Page size: 8 1/2 X 14 or smaller
  • Smaller than 8 1/2 X 11: place on white 8 1/2 X 11
  • Font size: 8 point or larger
  • Paper weight: does not allow bleed-through from back side

The following must be clearly labeled and shown on the first page:

  • Names of transaction(s) (Document Type)
  • Names of parties
  • Person and address to whom the instrument is to be returned, labeled:
    "RETURN TO: "
  • True and actual consideration (for instruments meeting requirements of ORS 93.030).
  • Name and address to where the tax statement is to be sent, labeled:
    "MAIL TAX STATEMENT TO: " (for instruments meeting requirements of ORS 93.260).
  • Information required for County Clerk Lien Records by ORS 205.125 (1)(c) and (e).

Non-Standard Form Fee

A $20.00 non-standard fee, in addition to all other fees, is added to instruments that do not meet the requirements as outlined in ORS 205.232, 205.234, 205.327.

All Assignments of Mortgages and Trust Deeds must include the name and address of the assignee on the FIRST PAGE of the document.  If the assignee's name appears without the address, the document shall be rejected as NON-RECORDABLE.  If the assignee's name and address appears on a page other than the first page, the non-standard document fee ($20.00) shall be charged in addition to all other applicable recording fees. (ORS 205.234)

The recording fee includes a $60.00 fee mandated by the passage of the Oregon Housing Alliance 2018 HB 4007 ORS 205.323 (1)(c).  The following document types are exempted from this fee:

  • Instruments that are otherwise exempt from recording or filing fees under any provision of law.
  • Any satisfaction of judgment or certificate of satisfaction of judgment.
  • Internal county government instruments not otherwise charged a recording or filing fee.
  • Affidavits of Annual Assessment (mining claims).
  • Warrants issued by the Employment Department pursuant to ORS 657.397, 657.642 and 657.646.
  • A certified copy of a judgment, a lien record abstract as described in ORS 18.170 or a satisfaction of judgment noticed by recordation of a lien record abstract.
  • Instruments presented for recording by the Department of Revenue or County Tax Collector.

Electronic Signatures

Per ORS 93.804, as of January 1, 2020 the Washington County Recording office will accept electronic signatures on documents submitted for recording.  By submitting documents with electronic signatures for recording, you are certifying that the document contains the original signatures.