Tax Payment Options

Customer Advisory: COVID-19 Phase One

Effective June 1, 2020 our offices are open for in-person visits using physical distancing.  Those who must visit in person are asked to observe the CDC guidelines for keeping a six-foot distance from other patrons and wearing a facial covering. 

Please note: Only a limited number of windows and kiosks are available to provide service at this time.

In addition, the public is encouraged to use the current business options of phone, email, or online.

There are four different options for paying your property taxes:

  1. You can mail in your payment,
  2. Come in to the county to pay in person
  3. Pay over the phone through the automated telephone service, or 
  4. Pay online via the internet.

Assessment & Taxation - Property Tax Prepayments

Washington County is unable to accept any prepayments on taxes for the 2020/2021 tax year. Per Oregon Revised Statutes, pre-collection of funds may not be allowed, unless under specific situations such as omitted property which adds taxes to the roll; prepayment to the Oregon Department of Revenue for senior deferral balances; partition and plats of parcels or making a subdivision; and other situations outlined in ORS 311.370. According to the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 150-311-0260) unless authorized by law, no prepayments of property taxes which have not been certified by a taxing district, shall be collected or accepted.